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14K GP Grills Grillz Cap - Open Face Covers 3 Teeth

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Covers a Front Tooth and the Next 2 Teeth
No Dentist Needed!!

The white silicone mold (included) is dropped in a hot mug of water until the mold turns clear.  Once clear, it is placed inside the grillz as you will bite into a jelly like mold.  Hold on your teeth for 20 seconds until mold hardens around teeth and then wiggle out.  

14k Plated Brilliant Shine

Lab Simulated Diamonds

One Size Fits All - Fits To Any Mouth Size

Includes Reuseable Silicone Molding Bar For Custom Fitting

Contains Grillz For Front Tooth and Next Two

Easy Instructions for at-home fitting within minutes!

Instructions: First, adjust adjust the grill mouthpiece to the shape of your mouth. Then insert the silicone fixing bar in between the back prongs of the grillz and place both in hot water together. Once the bar softens and becomes clear, remove the mouthpiece from the water and place it onto your teeth. Adjust as necessary for the fit and look you desire. The fixing bar should take approximately 15-20 seconds to harden. Now you have grillz that fit your teeth perfectly!
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