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  • Color: Gold
  • Metal: Brass
  • Metal Purity: 14k GP


1. Bend one of your grills to adjust it. Curve the grill inward so it mimics the curve of your teeth.

2. Bend out the hooks on the bottom, inner side (the side that fits over the back of your teeth) of the grill.

3. Place the molding bar into the middle of the grill (where your teeth would be inserted) and press down lightly.

4. Pick up the grill with the fixing bar inserted using clean tweezers and then place the grill and fixing bar into a glass of hot water. The water should be between 165 and 175 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not insert the grill or fixing bar into boiling water.

5. Allow the grill to sit in the hot water until the fixing bar turns clear. Remove the grill and fixing bar with the tweezers. Shake off excess water inside the grill.

6. Slip the grill over your teeth and push gently in place. Allow the fixing bar to harden in place. This should take a few minutes. You may have to repeat these steps to soften the fixing bar if you remove the grill in order to secure it in place again.


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